Year 1 2020 - 2021

Miss McAlister


Summer Term for Year 1 

“Let's strive to be the best that we can be!”

I would just like to thank all of the parents and the children for their continuous hard work and support this year! Let's keep pushing forward as we approach the end of another fantastic school year. It has been absolutely wonderful to watch the children learn, grow and develop into mature year 1 (nearly year 2) pupils! We have had so much fun throughout it all and it has been a pleasure to work with such a lively, bright and enthusiastic class, well done!

Please see some of the pictures taken on our sports day! 

Uniform/PE kit

If you can please ensure that your child's school uniform and kit is clearly labelled with their name. PE will take place for an hour every Tuesday and Friday this term. Your child's PE kit can remain in school. Equally, children can take them home to be washed and freshened.  If possible, at home, if you could encourage independence, particularly with changing (such as doing their own buttons/zips/shoes) this will help greatly. Also, children are responsible for all their own belongings so they must ensure to keep good care of them. 


Snack is available in school (milk and toast). If your child is having snack, could it please be brought in on Monday morning in an envelope with their name and the amount clearly shown. 


Power maths and steps homework will be given out on a Wednesday and should be completed and returned by the next Monday. Please ensure that it is brought in no later than Monday as to allow me time to mark and prepare the next set of homework. Could homework please be done in pencil and could you try to encourage as much independence with the homework as possible.  I appreciate the time and support that you provide to the children. 

Homework quests are an ongoing piece of homework and are not due until June. However, this should be an ongoing piece of work/research. 

Star of the week 

Each week, I will select two children from class that I believe have shown great effort in their learning and has been displaying our school values. Certificates will be awarded each Friday to those children


Reading books and records must be in school every day. Your children will be taken out of class to do one to one reading, alongside reading that we complete in our power steps lessons. If you could read with your child at home as much as possible to embed a passion for reading which is crucial at this developing stage.


Year 1 have a set of words that they must be able to spell at the end of year 1. I have attached the list of words on the class page and any spare practice outside of school would be greatly appreciated! 

Maths games

Please feel free to click on some of the links below and enjoy some maths games which will focus on consolidating what the children know and improve their fluency with their number work. 

If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to speak to me at the end of the school day or email me directly on 

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Miss McAlister


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