Palace Fields 'School of Military Cadets!'

Team Work at school is even higher on the agenda  on a Monday afternoon  for our Year 3 class who have been enrolled in the ‘School of Military’ for a 12 week course!

Led by ex-serviceman Matt Ward, the sessions are aimed at developing, amongst other things, the children’s self-esteem, their self-confidence and respect for others.

The programme is linked directly to promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of the pupils; it actively promotes British values and challenges values and behaviours that are contrary to this. The children are encouraged to work as part of a team and use group strategies in fun and often very physical activities.

One member of the class said, “We have great time. We loved making the outdoor shelters.  Miss Blundell sat in them and we had to throw water on to see if they were waterproof. Not all of them were so she got a bit wet.”

Group Leader Matt Ward said, “The year 3’s come along every week – keen, enthusiastic and excited to learn – they are some of the best children I’ve worked with and give 100% every week!”

  • Palace Fields Primary School
  • Badger Close
    Runcorn WA7 2QW
  • Mrs Sue Alley (Office Manager)
    Tel. 01928716521
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