Able, Gifted and Talented

The school will seek to provide an enriched curriculum for all children. Through this it will be possible to identify the most able. The school will then seek to further provide.


Enrichment/extension work is provided by all teachers in all classes as part of normal differentiated provision. This is shown on planning documents. Working with others of like ability is important. This can be made possible by group work. Differentiation should provide activities requiring higher order thinking skills. More able children need to be challenged. The role of the teacher is vital in challenging the thinking of the more able pupils.


These are highly valued for the more able, gifted and talented children and include:

1. Club activities – curriculum subjects, plus sport and games.

2. Activity days and themed weeks.

3. Day and residential visits.

4. The use of specialists e.g. teachers from secondary schools, HWMSS Music Service, visiting artists and authors.

5. A broad, creative curriculum, giving children a chance to thrive.

6. Opportunity to take ABRSM Music Theory and Instrumental Examinations.


Each year the school will draw up a register of able children in each year group. The teaching staff in their meetings will keep this list under review. As part of termly progress reviews, the progress of such children will be evaluated and interventions planned accordingly.


The school will liaise with local secondary schools to provide information on More Able, Gifted & Talented Pupils.

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