Our Curriculum

Our new curriculum at Palace Fields Primary School follows the statutory requirements set out by the government whilst aiming to inspire each pupil to achieve their very best. To do this we provide our pupils with a rich, broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all our pupils

The curriculum is underpinned by the school’s Core Values (ambition, creativity, ownership, resilience and nurture) and these are taught on their own and through all areas of the curriculum, including assemblies. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the British values are weaved through our curriculum in every lesson, ensuring that pupils have a clear understanding of the values that underpin our British constitution. Through the curriculum, pupils learn skills necessary to succeed in each subject, whilst developing their personal and social skills.


Palace Fields Primary has introduced McKie Mastery from September 2018.McKie Mastery is a Power Teaching and Learning model which retrains teachers to radically change the standard teaching approach and strategies in schools across the UK. McKie Mastery delivers leadership training which equips leaders to retrain all staff to deliver more effectively in the classroom using a very different approach. McKie Mastery is about the how we teach not the what we teach. It is not: Resources or single gimmick activities. It is: Radical change in the way teachers teach, children learn and leaders lead. It has a proven to work, solid track record in radically improving school results and inspection outcomes as well as maintaining outstanding practice and results in schools across the country.” (Claire McKie)


What do we teach within our curriculum?

We teach the content as set out in the National Curriculum and this document can be found at www.education.gov.uk/schools/teachingandlearning/curriculum/primary 

As well as delivering some subjects separately, we try to make learning more relevant by teaching them through our topics.  Our curriculum is also flexible, so that learning which really inspires our pupils can be pursued.

Our Curriculum Vision
Through our Palace Fields Curriculum our pupils will experience memorable and relevant opportunities for progressive, high quality learning and wider personal development and well – being.  By fostering a curriculum which provides both skills and knowledge, our pupils will be inspired by what they learn, be creative in their application and be passionate about their learning community and the wider world, now and in the future.

The way in which we deliver our curriculum is unique to our school and has been designed to meet the individual needs and to inspire our pupils. The Palace Fields Curriculum is based around key questions which engage the pupils and develop their own lines of enquiry within each topic.

Our Curriculum gives pupils opportunities to learn, build on and develop new skills, concepts and knowledge. Pupils experience a wide range of subjects and activities that allow them to explore different topics in detail.

Our aim is to develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning. Our children will be equipped with the skills to fully participate in an ever - changing world and to be respectful and productive members of the community. The children at Palace Fields will be encouraged to have high expectations and self- belief to enable them to fulfil their potential.

The National Curriculum is composed of:

Core subjects:
English, Maths, Science

Foundation Subjects:
Art & Design Technology, Computing, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, PSCHE, Modern Foreign Languages

Additional Subjects:
Religious Education

More time is given to the teaching and learning of the core subjects of the National Curriculum than to the delivery of the foundation subjects, Religious Education or the additional subjects.

What is the National Curriculum?
State schools in England must teach a range of subjects according to targets set by the National Curriculum. This was established in 1989 to ensure the same standards of teaching and learning across the nation.

The National Curriculum covers learning for all children aged 5-16 in state schools, and sets out:

  • Which subjects should be taught
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding your child should achieve in each subject (according to your child’s age)
  • Targets – so teachers can measure how well your child is doing in each subject
  • How information on your child’s progress should be passed on to you.
  • Any additional information regarding the school curriculum can be requested at the school office.

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