Read Write Inc. Reading Scheme

“You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss

Effective Phonics teaching and learning is essential for high attainment in reading and writing. Additionally, confidence with phonics is integral across the curriculum and used in all subjects. Achievement in this area benefits every area of pupils’ development.

In order to move Palace Field’s Primary School’s phonics teaching forward we have implemented ‘Read Write Inc’,  a clear and consistent inclusive teaching scheme that helps children learn synthetic phonics. The scheme includes both a phonics and reading focus. The sessions happen every day as the continuity and pace of the programme is essential in increasing the speed of children’s reading development.

Read Write Inc. is based on 5 Ps.

PRAISE – Children learn quickly in a positive climate.

PACE – Good pace is essential to the lesson.

PURPOSE – Every part of the lesson has a specific purpose.

PASSION – this is a very prescriptive programme. It is the energy, enthusiasm and passion that teachers put into the lesson that brings the teaching and learning to life.

PARTICIPATION – A strong feature of Read Write Inc. lessons is partner work and the partners ‘teaching’ each other.

Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS)

In the EYFS children receive a daily 30 minutes Read Write Inc. session. In Nursery timings of sessions are at the teacher’s discretion given the age of the children. In Reception sessions take place in the morning. They are led either by a class teacher or by a trained member of support staff. Groups will normally be smaller than full class size and can range between 10-30 children. Reception children are assessed at least once per half term.

Key Stage 1

Read Write Inc. sessions take place in the morning. Children are streamed into attainment groups to make sure teaching and learning is at the correct level for their current achievement. Some groups will contain a mix of Year 1 and year 2 children. Groups are led by class teachers and trained members of our support staff. KS1 children are assessed at least once per half term.

Key Stage 2

Children identified as being below national averages for phonics and reading receive additional support through targeted Read Write Inc. or in year 5 Fresh Start sessions. These all take place in the mornings and include phonics teaching and reading using Read Write Inc. or Fresh Start books. These sessions are led by teachers and trained members of support staff.

SEN Pupils

SEN pupils are  involved in Read Write Inc. lessons as children work in groups with others who at their level. Teaching is geared to the speed of progress of each group. Additional 1:1 tuition may take place, but this will be identified by teachers in conjunction with the Read Write Inc. leader.

Children are assessed throughout every lesson through teacher observation.

Formal assessment is completed at least once per half-term by the Read Write Inc. Leaders or trained support staff. This checks individual children’s ability to recognise and say each sound and blend and say real and nonsense (alien) words. This assessment is then used to place children in groups with other children at a similar stage to them.

Read Write Inc. – Information for Parents 

The link above will take you to the Ruth Miskin website where parents and carers can find additional information and useful videos to help support children with their reading at home.

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